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Consciously Exposed  Network (CEN)

Under Leonard Tshitenge's leadership, Consciously Exposed Consulting has nurtured a diverse network of over 300 individuals since 2017. Leonard's network includes entrepreneurs, small businesses, Community and business Leaders , University students, and working professionals from Massachusetts span across the City of Boston, Brockton, Lowell, Worcester) and The Democratic Republic of Congo, in Central Africa, include multiple African countries. Leonard fostered collaborations with local businesses, organized workshops and initiatives, and  included launched an internship program. Tshitenge's leadership style is transformational,  adaptable and inspiring. Currently, he continues to serve as a consultant, supporting business owners and entrepreneurs in the New England African Diaspora

Consciously Exposed Network
in Kinshasa, Capital of The Democratic Republic of Congo (Central Africa)

Business Network - Leadership Development - Entrepreneurship & Small Business Ownership Training

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