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What We Do

Our services are based on the A.P.C Model (Artistic, Psychological, Cultural), a transformative framework applicable to various domains.

We craft immersive internal spaces that foster open dialogues on sensitive and challenging subjects. By integrating the arts, mental well-being, innovative business practices, cross-cultural comprehension, and inclusivity, we empower organizations, businesses, and educational institutions to harness the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through strategic and purposeful approaches, we enable them to embrace holistic solutions and drive transformative change.

At Consciously Exposed Consulting, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to build healthy spaces and cultures for diverse employees and communities. Contact us today to customize our services and unlock your organization's potential.


I have worked with Leonard since 2014 to lead local, national, and international campaigns, organizations, and events in support of human rights. I have seen his contributions grow as a Poet, Community Organizer, and social entrepreneur. He has held 10 diverse events with Congolese diaspora of New England in which he bridged cultural and political gaps between members of various diaspora groups, a senior White House staffer and other stage officials, academics, faith leaders and other caring members of wider Boston communities.

- Garrett Moore
Stand With Congo Campaign Manager

Our Services

At Consciously Exposed Consulting, We get you and your organization on the right track & keep you there. Please contact us for quotes and to customize the services to fit the needs of your organization.

* Workshops come with follow-up weekly group calls, access to a private facebook group,  & One-on One coaching.

Africa & African Diaspora Engagement
  • Developing strategies and tools for cross-cultural understanding in the African diaspora globally.

  • Assisting with community-building programs and providing insights on doing business in Africa.

Panel Discussion Moderation

Facilitating and moderating panel discussions to encourage meaningful dialogue on diverse subjects

Youth Development

Empowering and supporting the development of young individuals through mentoring, leadership training, and professional development.

Professional Development

Offering customized training programs and workshops to enhance professional growth and expertise.

Cultural and Emotional Intelligence
  • Consulting services to help organizations develop cultural and emotional intelligence for inclusive and sustainable success.

  • Coaching individuals to enhance their cultural and emotional intelligence.

Business Consulting and Development
  • Supporting small businesses with consulting services to enhance their operations, growth, and success.

  • Assisting in navigating the intersection of business and mental health for thriving in the marketplace.

Mental Health and Well-being
  • Providing therapeutic coaching services to support individuals in their mental health journeys.

Public Speaking

Delivering engaging talks and presentations on various topics, including arts, mental health, entrepreneurship, African & African Diaspora engagement, fatherhood engagement, faith-based ministry, community building, and advocacy.

Group Facilitation

Guiding and facilitating group sessions to foster collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity.

Leadership Development

Assisting individuals and organizations in cultivating effective leadership skills and strategies.


Providing personalized mentorship programs to guide individuals in their personal and professional journeys.

Poetry & Arts-based Training

Conducting workshops that utilize performing Poetry and creative arts to facilitate expression, emotional understanding, and organizational development.

 Community Building and Programming
  • Planning and organizing social events to foster networking, community building, and collaboration.

  • Developing strategic plans for community engagement and outreach initiatives.

Additional Services

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Workshop Through Arts

A comprehensive training program creatively addressing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, providing actionable steps for implementing change.

Social Event Planning

Planning and executing programming for networking and community-building purposes, serving as liaisons for artists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders during the event planning process.

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Men Support & Fatherhood Engagement

Helping marginalized Men, and fathers who are post-incarceration, or dealing with economic hardship through advocacy, building pathways to entrepreneurship, growing their own business, and developing mental health practices that lead to better long-term economic and personal health outcomes

“I have come to know Mr. Tshitenge as an exceptionally bright and motivated Poet, community builder, and youth mentor and leader. Mr. Tshitenge’s work in African Diaspora Engagement and Community Building is very impressive. He is a dynamic and talented community organizer, educator, and social entrepreneur whom I met in the course of African diaspora related activities in the Boston area.”

Dr. Daivi Rodima-Taylor

African Studies Center

Boston University

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