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What We Do

We have a unique niche because our focus takes an artistic approach to creating internal environments that make sensitive/triggering topics easy to digest and speak about.

we believe in harnessing the power of the intersection of the arts, mental health, business innovation, cross-cultural understanding and inclusion to empower organizations, businesses, and universities to fully leverage diversity, equity, and inclusion to build healthy spaces and cultures for diverse employees and communities.


I have worked with Leonard since 2014 to lead local, national, and international campaigns, organizations, and events in support of human rights. I have seen his contributions grow as a Poet, Community Organizer, and social entrepreneur. He has held 10 diverse events with Congolese diaspora of New England in which he bridged cultural and political gaps between members of various diaspora groups, a senior White House staffer and other stage officials, academics, faith leaders and other caring members of wider Boston communities.

- Garrett Moore
Stand With Congo Campaign Manager

Our Services

At Consciously Exposed Consulting, We get you and your organization on the right track & keep you there. Please contact us for quotes and to customize the services to fit the needs of your organization.

* Workshops come with follow-up weekly group calls, access to a private facebook group,  & One-on One coaching.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Workshop 

DEI Training Through The Creative Arts - This creative art training provides HR professionals , University Faculty/Staff & organizations with the tools to creatively address diversity and inclusion in the workplace by offering a step by step to plan to implement change in the workplace.

Social Event Plan​ning

Our team will plan and implement programming for networking and community building purposes. We will provide resources,  facilitate and serve as liaison/go-between for artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders for your organization as the event planning takes place.

Keynote Speaking

Innovative keynote address that inspires, uplifts, and educates the audience. content is derived from 15 + years of professional experience and valuable insight in social determinants of mental health. Topics include the intersection of Arts, Mental Health, entrepreneurship, Africa & African Diaspora engagement, Fatherhood engagement, Faith-Based Ministry, Community building and Advocacy.

Creative Arts Workshops

Art can be a healthy and fun way to process feelings and understand emotions, enhance mental health, improve organizational culture, reduce stress, increase creativity, and improve overall productivity. Our workshops give members of your organization space to express themselves and unpack loaded conversations using a safe medium.

Africa & African Diaspora Engagement

The Consciously Exposed team will offer strategies, tools to effectively build bridges, develop community building programs, and advance cross-cultural understanding in the African diaspora locally and globally. We provide each participant with community resources, specifically access to emerging markets in Africa, including tips/strategies about doing business in the continent.

Fatherhood Engagement

Helping marginalized  fathers  who are post incarceration, or dealing with economic hardship through advocacy, building pathways to entrepreneurship, growing their own business and developing mental health practices that lead to better long-term economic and personal health outcomes.

“I have come to know Mr. Tshitenge as an exceptionally bright and motivated Poet, community builder, and youth mentor and leader. Mr. Tshitenge’s work in African Diaspora Engagement and Community Building is very impressive. He is a dynamic and talented community organizer, educator, and social entrepreneur whom I met in the course of African diaspora related activities in the Boston area.”

Dr. Daivi Rodima-Taylor

African Studies Center

Boston University

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