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Fueling Our Morning Energy with Martin Luther King'sCaffeine of Social Justice

The morning is a time when we all need to fuel our energy to start the day. We often think of coffee as the drink that gives us the energy boost we need, but what if we could fuel our morning energy with something even more powerful? Imagine if Americans could run on Martin Luther King's energy, drinking coffee containing the caffeine of social justice.

When we fuel our morning energy with Martin Luther King's energy, we are filled with tolerance, love, and empathy. We become more aware of our unconscious and implicit biases and work towards eradicating hate in all its forms. This energy helps us to be patriotic all year round, standing up against Islamophobia and xenophobia, not just when the mood suits us.

African immigrants, for example, would wake up every morning wearing African attire, studying Black history and exploring how the Civil Rights movement influenced the passage of the Nationality Services Act of 1965, which opened entry to immigrants from all walks of life. They would then pull up at a Black Lives Matter rally, standing in solidarity with African Americans in the spirit of African diaspora unity.

If all Americans were to run on Martin Luther King's energy and drink coffee containing extra, extra, extra caffeine of social justice, we would wake up from our amnesia and remember that race is a social construct. We would all remember that we are all God's children, and the color of our blood is the same. We would sit at humanity's table together, voting for no one to be revoked from the human race.

By fueling our morning energy with Martin Luther King's caffeine of social justice, we can create a more just and equitable society for all. Let's start our day by fueling our energy with the powerful message of Martin Luther King Jr. and work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable world for all.


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