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Leonard Tshitenge is a dynamic poet, speaker, and consultant, celebrated for his magnetic presence and profound expertise. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Leonard is a trilingual advocate deeply passionate about cultural diversity, psychology, arts, and entrepreneurship. His academic journey commenced at Fisk University, one of Nashville's esteemed historically black colleges in Tennessee, culminating in degrees in Human Services and Psychology/Mental Health from the University of Phoenix.


As the founder of Consciously Exposed Consulting, Leonard's influence extends to his ongoing pursuit of a doctoral degree in leadership psychology at William James College, establishing him as a catalyst for significant change. Renowned for his exceptional leadership, innovation, and cross-cultural understanding, he has been honored with the prestigious Village Leader Award in Boston.


Leonard's impact extends beyond corporate and academic realms as he collaborates with the Archdiocese of Boston Black Catholic Ministry, showcasing an unwavering commitment to social justice, human rights, and racial equity.


In addition to his roles in poetry and public speaking, Leonard serves as a DEI Strategist, Small Business Advisor, and Africa & African Diaspora Consultant. His consulting expertise spans various areas, including mental health advocacy and social determinants of mental health. He is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of leaders in the business, behavioral health, and art sectors through innovation, strategic planning, and creativity, emphasizing the transformative power of cultural diversity in a world where diversity is a strength, not a challenge



  • City of Boston & Massachusetts SDO - MBE/WBE Certified

  • B.A. in Human Services, University of Phoenix

  • M.S. Psychology/Mental Health, the University of Phoenix

  • Psy. D. doctoral candidate, Leadership Psychology, William James College

  • Member of the Great Black Speakers' Association

  • Member and consultant for the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (BECMA)

  • Hiscox business insurance

  • BBB Accredited Business

  • Certified Artist approved by the Boston Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture

  • Certified in Creating Social Enterprises by the Mandela Washington D.C Fellowship for Young African Leaders

  • Certified in Community Leadership and Advocacy by NeighborWorks America

  • Certified in Drama: Expressions of Black Belief, Faith and Culture - by the Institute for Black Catholic Studies Xavier University of Louisiana

  • Certified in Building Intercultural Competence for Ministers Seminar - by the African American Affairs USCCB Secretariat of Cultural Diversity in the Church

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Keynote Address:  Engaging talks encompass a diverse array of topics, all with a central focus on fostering inclusivity and delivering thought-provoking insights. Leonard's  aim to provide inspiring and informative presentations that encourage Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, promote mental health awareness, drive business development, facilitate African diaspora engagement, foster cross-cultural understanding, and strengthen community-building


Leonard Tshitenge skillfully delivers poetic and spoken word performances that serve as a gateway to deeper understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion. His performances convey impactful messages and provide valuable insights, bringing our mission to life through art.


Leonard, renowned for his exceptional abilities and extensive skill set, plays a pivotal role as a workshop presenter, group facilitator, and professional development coach. His expertise ensures skillful facilitation in our services, guiding participants to explore holistic business approaches, support startup and small business development, and promote cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Leonard's facilitation promotes meaningful dialogue and active engagement, while his professional development coaching adds a dimension of personal growth and skill enhancement. Additionally, he provides psychological safety interventions to nurture inclusive workplaces and community involvement, with a focus on mental health, entrepreneurship, and the arts


Leonard, a remarkably skilled and versatile Master of Ceremonies, effortlessly infuses humor into the arts and social events he hosts. Whether it's a wedding, festival, assembly, or gala, his expertise ensures that diversity, equity, and inclusion take the spotlight, creating inclusive and vibrant gatherings that seamlessly fuse art and culture

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