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What does a healthy culture look like for your organization?

I have helped create more empathetic, equitable, and prosperous communities by moving companies, organizations, and institutions to leverage the cultural intelligence of diverse working professionals. Many professionals of color face unwelcome organizational cultures, micro-aggressions, racism, and lack of representation.


We believe in using the intersection of arts, mental health, cross-cultural understanding and inclusion to help organizations create safe spaces and cultures for diverse employees and communities. Through this our clients become more conscious of:

Delivering Value to Consumers

Meeting Staff Needs 

Supporting Communities Being Served

Supporting Community Work Areas


Art Thy Conscious

A virtual creative art workshop experience addressing systematic Disparities, human rights and social issues.


Storytelling For Social Impact

What is your Story? How do we use storytelling? How can we use painful stories for social impact, social change, to improve leadership, corporate social responsibility, organizational culture, connect with each other better as human beings, and build bridges?


Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration
Keynote Speaker

Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, Virginia. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

Our Work Across The Diaspora



 Mother Caroline Academy & Education Center.

Boston, MA


Stand With Congo

"Stand With Congo organizes activist communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the United States, Canada, and Europe to lead the push for transparency in the extractive industries to ensure all such dealings in Congo meet international standards. "


African Health Cup Soccer Tournament

Mental Health Workshop & Group Discussion in collaboration with The Africans For Improved Access (AFIA) /Multiculuralism AIDS Coaltion.