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Our Guide to Cultural Enrichment through the Arts is now available for free download on our website. This guide provides a holistic approach to enjoying and understanding the arts, and is perfect for anyone looking to deepen their appreciation of different art forms. Download your copy today and begin your cultural journey!

Afro Blues By Way Of Congo

The smooth vibe of hard-hitting, but intellectually stimulating poetry and creative writing. Poems that make you laugh; Poems that make you say:

  • We must build a healthy society that brings happiness and cultivates healing.

  • Cross-cultural understanding, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and it starts with ME today!

Afro Blues By Way Of Congo
Afro Blues By Way Of Congo
URban nightmares.webp

Uplifting Black Fathers

This Workbook/Journal is a special creation designed to improve the lives of Fathers. At Consciously Exposed we help marginalized  fathers post-incarceration dealing with:

  • Economic hardship through our advocacy,

  • Building pathways to entrepreneurship,

  • Growing their own business  

  • Developing mental health practices that lead to better long-term economic and personal health outcomes.

Uplifting Black Fathers

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"While he points out problems in society, he includes himself in that society and offers a brotherhood of resistance to the things that tear us apart, individually and internationally. Leonard Tshitenge is a voice for the world that will feel as (un)comfortable as the neighbor's next door."

- Stan Galloway,

Director of the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival

Bridgewater, Virginia

Workbook Journal For
Men / Fathers

Empowering Marginalized Men of Color / Black Fathers: Path to Mental Health , Self-Care Financial Independence through Entrepreneurship