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" At Consciously Exposed Consulting, we foster a culture that profoundly influences not only our clients, corporate partners, and network but also our invaluable team members and interns."

"Voices of Satisfaction"
Client Feedback

Ana De Pina-President-Black MBA at Suffolk University
"Leonard Tshitenge of Consciously Exposed is a consummate professional, who understands the diverse communities of the African diaspora in Boston, MA and builds bridges, where all can engage, contribute, and thrive. It was refreshing to have Mr. Tshitenge bring his whole self to us at the Black MBA at Suffolk and to help us to dream, imagine, and create a strong Collective organization. We appreciate his unique perspectives and look forward to more opportunities to implement his strategies of cultural empowerment. Thank you."

Black MBA at Suffolk University


Ana De Pina

Together with Top-Tier Clients


Licensed Professionals

“Happy To partner with you. You’re doing great work”

Nicole Obi, President & CEO - Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (BECMA)


“Thank you for the valuable contributions and top-notch professionalism exhibited throughout your consultation. We look forward to applying your recommendations “

Mackenson Charles.

Chief of Member Engagement & Experience  Black Economic Council of Massachusetts


Boston, MA


Eco-Friendly Design


Boston, MA

“We really appreciate all your trainings. The group certainly  appreciate i  and certainly engaged in the topic of Health equity“


Kimberly Fisher, LICSW

Vice President, Riverside Community Care - Behavioral Health Services

"Thank you for the exceptional work you are doing. We appreciate your flexibility and expertise”

Manny Oppong, LICSW

Vice President, Service Integration, Riverside Community Care


First-Rate Materials

“Leonard is such a great speaker, very alert, insightful. Leonard's work had a great impact on many entrepreneurs and patrons here at the library”

Gregor Smart.

Curator of the Kirstein Business Library & Innovation Center.


Boston, MA

Munah Slopadoe -
CEO/Founder, NFUSE Catering

“Thanks so much for all your help along the way! Each of your coaching and consultant sessions in the past couple of months has been extremely helpful and has taken my business and other ideas to a place of reality. The resources I was provided were very helpful up to this day. I truly enjoyed every interaction, moreover, each consulting session was completely invested in my success."

Adaptable transformational leadership style - Mr Leonard is able to adapt his leadership style to different situations. He is flexible and agile, and he is always looking for new ways to improve. One thing I have noticed is that he is particularly skilled at leading change initiatives and helping organizations transform for the better.


Inspires change through compelling vision - Mr Leonard is able to inspire others to change by sharing his vision for a better future. He is passionate about creating inclusive environments, engaging diverse communities, and embracing DEI as a key driver of growth and profitability. He communicates this vision in a clear and compelling way that motivates others to act.

Leads by example- As stated previously, Mr Leonard walks the talk. He is not just a visionary, he is also a doer. He is constantly giving back to the community and empowering others to reach their full potential. His actions set an example for others to follow in the form of free first time consultations, cultural hosting, etc.

Develops and empowers people - Mr Leonard believes in the power of people. He invests in developing the skills and talents of his team members. He empowers them to take ownership of their work and make decisions. He creates a supportive environment where people feel safe to take risks and innovate


Olachi  Nwagwu, Business Strategist Marketing Data Analytics Intern at Consciously Exposed Consulting.

"His eyes open social awareness, locally and globally, do not take away his playfulness and delight in life. His many lenses move with ease from atrocities in the Congo to last night's dinner out, finding insight in both. Seeing him on stage, or reading him on the page, the audience knows his words are painstakingly chosen and delivered with care. "

Stan Galloway,
Director of the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival Bridgewater, Virginia

Leonard Tshitenge’s poems and stories in “Afroblues by Way of Congo” are marked by themes of faith found, injustice challenged, and identity explored. He scatters his musings with mid-sentence Capitalization, and his prose reads with the cadence of Spoken Word. His writing doesn’t pull any punches along the way, either. Tshitenge’s words are blunt and critical, though never pessimistic. He tackles the dark taboo of rape culture against women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), paralleled with the personal and societal transformations of empowerment born out of trauma. Tshitenge uplifts the narrative of Congolese women in a provocative way that is vital to the changing social fabric of his homeland. His poems also celebrate the beauty of the African Diaspora from the DRC to the Caribbean; Tshitenge confronts the roots and pervasiveness of racial coding in the United States with a kiss blown to the Black experience. Under the shade of his other professional hats, Tshitenge is a motivational speaker, mental health expert, and consultant. He offers cultural workshops that encourage organizations to invest positively in safe spaces for diverse communities

Natalie Patalano , Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships @ Franklin Cummings Tech

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