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It's astonishing to receive wonderful words of appreciation for what I do from people I have encountered in my countless journeys. Every instance is an inspiring experience driving me even more to carry on everything I do with Consciously Exposed in Boston, Massachusetts.


Allow me to share all this with you.

Dr. Daivi Rodima-Taylor

African Studies Center

Boston University

"Mr. Tshitenge has demonstrated his broad knowledge of and good familiarity with the needs, potentials, and challenges of African diaspora communities, entrepreneurs, as well as his exceptional facilitation and leadership skills in engaging local underprivileged communities and marginalized youth for the development of the communities in the United States as well as in Africa."

“Thanks so much for all your help along the way! Each of your coaching and consultant sessions in the past couple of months has been extremely helpful and has taken my business and other ideas to a place of reality. The resources I was provided were very helpful up to this day. I truly enjoyed every interaction, moreover, each consulting session was completely invested in my success."

Munah Slopadoe


NFUSE Catering

Kordae Jatafa Henry

Creative Director and Artist

" I wanted to personally thank you for such an incredible experience making this film. It goes without saying that this would not have been possible without your words and I am just honored to have worked with you. I look forward to teaming up again in the near future."

"His eyes open social awareness, locally and globally, do not take away his playfulness and delight in life. His many lenses move with ease from atrocities in the Congo to last night's dinner out, finding insight in both. Seeing him on stage, or reading him on the page, the audience knows his words are painstakingly chosen and delivered with care. "

 Stan Galloway,

Director of the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival

Bridgewater, Virginia

"I was fortunate enough to know Leonard who provided me with coaching and helped me brainstorm the initiation of my podcast. Although I am still in the process of launching my podcast 'This Tale I Own,' his advice has been invaluable to me. 'This Tale I Own' is a podcast project that will promote sharing stories from nontraditional storytellers, the youth, allowing them to bridge cultural, religious, ethnic, and environmental gaps."

Naj S Bel

CEO/Founder of This Tale I Own

“I love Your Work. Amazing”

Dr. Arikana Chihombori,

African Union Ambassador to the United States.

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